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Garden & Landscape Work

Throughout the spring and summer months certain tree works can't be done. This can be due to nesting birds, species resilience to pruning in certain months and various other factors.

Whilst Arboriculture and Forestry are our main working activities, we also carry out garden and landscape works to help maintain our work flow whilst tree works can be quieter. We are happy to advise, quote and carry out any garden works you have in mind. This might be a small lawn that needs cutting regularly, borders that need managing, planting, or even a design and build project.

Gardening has always been something we do, just not our main business focus.

Prior to expanding my qualifications within Arboriculture, I obtained a BA hons degree in Garden Design at Falmouth University. This lead on to various careers in gardening, landscaping and design roles that gave me a wide range of knowledge and experience within Horticulture.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

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