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TREE PRUNING: formative pruning, dead wooding, crown raising, thinning, reduction, pollarding and coppicing.

TREE REMOVAL: felling, dismantling, rigging and crane assisted removals.

VETERAN TREE MANAGEMENT: retrenchment pruning, staged reductions, natural fracture pruning, tree bracing, root protection and mulching.

STUMP REMOVAL: eco plug treatment, manual removal and stump grinding.

TREE PLANTING: design, planting and aftercare.

REPORTS: inspections, surveys, TPO applications, management plans, planting plans, risk assessments and method statements.


HABITAT CREATION: habitat pruning of dead trees, installation of bird and bat boxes and eco piling of organic material.

WILDLIFE ASSESSMENTS: reports, ground based assessments and aerial assessments.

DESIGN: garden and landscape design for promoting biodiversity and wildlife.

Vegetation management
Closeup of freshly cut logs


VEGETATION MANAGEMENT: hedge cutting, hedge laying, brush cutting and shrub pruning.

RECYCLING: saw milling, firewood processing, timber, mulch and wood chip supply.

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